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Residential Roof Repair & Replacement

JG Contracting has all the experience needed to repair or replace any type of residential roof. We can help with wind, rain or hail damage; the key is to contact us as soon as possible after an extreme weather event hits your home. This ensures other areas of your home, such as ceilings and interior walls, aren’t needlessly affected by the damage as well.

Identifying the Need for Roof Repair

The most obvious way to determine if you have damage is to look for warning signs such as roofing materials lying in your yard or visibly missing or torn shingles on your roof.

Other signs of potential roof damage include:

  • Interior wall blistering or sweating
  • Dark spots developing on walls or ceiling
  • Sheetrock discoloration in your attic
  • Upward tilting (sailing) of the exterior edges of your shingles line

Your Residential Roof Replacement Experts

It doesn’t matter how new or what type of roof you have, it should be inspected after a severe weather event occurs. Any early detection by a routine inspection of your roof can greatly mitigate some of the more urgent and costly roof repairs and maybe even help avoid a full roof replacement.

You should also watch your gutter for clogging or damage. This type of damage will quickly get out of hand cost-wise if not detected early, and could possibly result in a roof replacement instead of full roof repair.

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