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Many homes in your area have sustained damage as a result of the recent storms. Your home may have in fact, sustained such damage. We understand that choosing a contractor can be an overwhelming process.


JG Contracting is a local, licensed and insured, General Contractor whose primary focus is assisting homeowners through the entire process of restoring their homes back to pre-storm condition. We fully understand that your home represents a significant asset. Rest assured, that is why we treat every home as if it is our own. JG CONTRACTING GUARANTEES, NO SURPRISES BEFORE, DURING, OR AFTER PROJECT COMPLETION, 100% GUARANTEED.

If you have already scheduled an insurance adjuster meeting, we recommend that you have a representative present who has your best interest at heart. Adjusters often miss damage and/ or forget to include compensation for local permits and code requirements. At a minimum, our experienced team members will help to insure that you are compensated fairly. We offer this service at no charge or obligation. Simply notify us as to the date and time and we will be there.

Thank you for the opportunity to briefly make an introduction of our company. We know there are many choices in choosing a contractor and we want to thank you in advance for your consideration in choosing JG Contracting. Remember – WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
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