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Gutter and Gutter Cover Installation

Quality Work at a Quality Price

We offer the best in residential gutter services. From the start to the finish, you won't find a higher quality roofing contractor for your home's gutters than JG Contracting.

Giving you premium, effective, and efficient gutter replacement and installation services that will exceed your expectations.

As the most preferred gutter contractor throughout Missouri, our company sets high standards for quality control, compliance, and communication with all our customers throughout Overland Park KS and Independence MO to achieve our primary goals. Our gutter replacement, gutter cover installation, and roofing services paved the way for us to practice professionalism, honesty, and integrity at all times. As your trusted roofers, we always listen and we make sure that all our customers get the version of what they exactly want for their roofs, gutters by also giving them numerous options for gutter and roofing design. Our customers are our top priority, that’s why we make sure that you can communicate with us anytime and anywhere using our hotline number and our email so that we may address your concerns and questions whenever the need arises. Need the best gutter contractor near you? We’ve got you!

Exceptional Gutter Installation and Replacement

Gutters play an important role in the health and comfort of your home. As gutters direct rainwater away from your home and the ground below, it keeps moisture away from the foundation and the crawl space beneath your home which then prevents weakening of the foundation. Our gutter contractor and experienced installers in Overland Park KS and Independence MO can get the job done to keep your gutters clean and properly maintained to help prevent issues like structural problems. As outdated and damaged gutters can really make your home look less appealing, do not let it come to this point and give us a call as we will provide you with the most conventional, cost-effective gutter replacement throughout Overland Park KS and Independence MO.

Importance of Gutter Guards

Having protection over your gutters is very useful as it helps prevent the gutter from being clogged up. Our gutter guards will be able to eliminate leaking gutters, sagging leaves, pests, and premature gutter corrosion. Moreover, we use good quality steel in manufacturing gutter guards, ensuring longevity and durability.



Whether you’ll need a roofers to get you the best roof or you’ll need to make your homes look better, our #1 goal is to be able to exceed your expectations at all times. We desire to be the most trusted roofers not only now, but also through the years to come, by providing the most effective and efficient communication channels and methods because we always want to be of service to our customers. We pursue solutions, not problems– our proactive approach in giving you services such as constructions helped us maintain good relationships not only with our customer, but also with our employees as teamwork and collaboration are the hallmarks of working with us.

New Gutters Kansas City

Protect Your Roof With First-Rate Gutters



Were your gutters damaged in a hail storm? Are your gutters sagging or clogged with leaves? If your gutters can’t drain water properly, they may cause your basement or crawl space to flood. Whether you’re considering installing gutter covers or need to replace your gutters altogether, contact JG Contracting, LLC right away.

We specialize in gutter installation services. We are based in Independence MO and we are licensed to serve in both Missouri and Kansas. Call 816-820-5729 today to schedule an appointment.

Leave Your Gutter Installation to a Pro

Our experiences representative can install your gutters quickly. Contact JG Contracting today for gutter installation services if:

  • Hail dented or punctured your gutters.

  • Your gutters are rusty, warped or leaking.

  • You don’t have the time or energy to clean your gutters.

We can repair all kinds of gutters, including aluminum, copper and steel. If you’re tired of clearing leaves and twigs out of your gutters constantly, be sure to ask about our gutter covers. We use high-quality products, so you can breathe easy knowing your gutters won’t clog.

Contact JG Contracting today to speak to an experiences representative. We are based in Independence MO and we are licensed to serve in Kansas.

Request a FREE Quote for Gutters Today

Wind and hail storms can be devastating to gutters, whether they’re aluminum, copper, steel or any other material. From hail damage to rust to dents to punctures, JG Contracting is here to provide top-tier, professional gutter and cover installation.

JG Contracting Replacing Gutters
JG Contracting Gutter Truck
Gutter Guards


Gutter covers are imperative for proper drainage. Without working gutters on your home will not be properly directed away from your foundation, which may cause flooding in your basement or crawl space.

Furthermore, excess moisture in the soil around your home can cause expensive damage to your home’s foundation, not to mention your garden and lawn will be destroyed.

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