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Residential Roofing Overland Park Kansas

Residential Roofing

Overland Park, Kansas

Residential Roofing Services You Can Call on Anytime

Your home is one of your largest investments. More than that, however, your home is where you spend most of your time. It’s the focal point for your family, where you and all your possessions live. As the first line of defense against different elements, your roof does not only protect your house, it also protects your HOME, your FAMILY, and everything in it. Don’t just do a DIY service, you’ll need a reliable roofing company to ensure that your home is protected with cutting edge roofing equipment. Trust JG Contracting to give you the residential roofing services you’ve been dreaming about. 


As the best roofing contractor in Overland Park KS, our trusted roofing company aims to deliver quality, strong, and long-lasting roofs for all our customers. With JG Contracting, you can be sure that you are hiring the best roofing contractors with experience, certified education, and expertise acknowledged and recognized by the state. This also means that we can ensure residential roofing repairs and renovations to your residences in accordance with building regulations and building codes which can most definitely save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 


JG Contracting is a trusted roofing company because we are committed to using only the highest quality of materials so that you have a strong, durable roof with an impeccable life-span. From asphalt shingles, slate roofing, metal roofing, rubber roofing, tile roofing, to flat roofing, we will tirelessly help you build the roof you desire by providing you with a variety of styles, colors, and themes for your residential roofing repair and restoration services. Whether you want a heavy roof to protect you from fire, insect boring and rotting, or you want a roof that’s inexpensive and does not need regular maintenance, our best roofing contractors will help you assess and recommend the best kind of residential roofing for you. Truly the reliable roofing company in the area.


To be the most reliable roofing company in Overland Park KS, we make sure that we don’t only repair your roofs successfully, but we also want good relationships with our customers whom we treat as family too. Our goal is for our customers to think of us as the top of mind trusted roofing company throughout Overland Park KS because we always take into account affordability and energy efficiency in mind with all our roofing repairs, installations, and restorations. 

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